Welcome to the Lundblad Family HomePage
Welcome to the Lundblad Family HomePage
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Welcome to the Lundblad Family HomePage
All About Us
Welcome to the Lundblad homepage website! On this site you'll find loads of interesting stuff about the Lundblad family, including tonnes and tonnes of photos along with interesting little snippets about our life around the world (well, parts of the world).

We are a Swedish-Thai family and are currently living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Lundblad's are:

Mattias (born in Sweden)
Oye (born in Thailand)
Johan (born in Saudi Arabia)
Emmy (born in Saudi Arabia)

Emmy Lundblad

All About Us
Mattias is an IT Manager and works for a Swedish construction and engineering company in Saudi Arabia, which is where we have been based for the last 18 years, although Johan has only been on the scene for about ten years (born on Wednesday, 6th February 2002) and Emmy for six years (born on Sunday, 18th December 2005).

We have a home here in Riyadh and we also have homes in Chiang-Mai, the north of Thailand and Uppsala, Sweden.

In Sweden the Lundblad tribe are:
Jan (Dad)
Lisbeth (Mom)
Marcus (Brother)

The Lunblad Box Of Stuff

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